The Positive Impact of Testimonials and How to Get Them

The Positive Impact of Testimonials
and How to Get Them

Do you read testimonials or ask for opinions before purchasing a product or service? Do you realize the impact a testimonial can have on your business especially if it’s positive?

Getting positive testimonies can establish your credibility and reliability as a business and it’s a huge opportunity for you to influence potential customers.

Asking your clients for a testimonial after they have experienced your product or services can be financially rewarding to your business. There are many ways to strategically display testimonials:

  • Throughout your website
  • On a testimonial page
  • An email signature line
  • On social media
  • On Google Business

“Acquiring testimonials from satisfied customers is also a great way to promote your brand, product and/or service.”

I am not sure about you but, one of the problems I struggled with was when I asked for a testimony. Some of my clients were slow to respond or forgot to include the exciting words they used when they first viewed their website or social media graphic.  I decided to come up with some questions to help them with writing what they wanted to convey. It will also help others that are in the decision-making process determine whether they want to use my services.

Create testimonial questions according to the type of response you desire. That way you can use them effectively when you want to promote a particular product or service. If you ask a general question; “How did you like the service/product?” you will get a general response. A person can speak mainly about loving the customer service and not mention the product. That’s why it’s important to be specific with your questions.

Here are some questions I use to gain the desired response:

  1. What exactly did you like most about my service?
  1. Why would you recommend me to someone who might be on the fence about using my service?
  1. What was your main concern that would have prevented you from using my services, and what put you at ease?
  1. If you were to recommend my services to family and close friends, what would you say?
  1. What made you choose my services?
  1. What are the three benefits you have experienced as a result of using my services?
  1. How have things changed since you used my services?
  1. What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about using my services?

Take the time to asks for testimonials and use them for future marketing. The positive experiences of others will help in selling your next offer.

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