Getting Traffic through Facebook Groups

Getting Traffic through Facebook Groups

One way to get more traffic is to get involved with Facebook Groups. There are lots of ways you can get traffic from Facebook Groups, and it is quite effective if you do it correctly. If you think about it, a Facebook Group is just a small community of like-minded people. This means that if you find like-minded people who need and want what you offer in a community, you’ll need to find a way to network with them and give them the information. However, there is a right way and a wrong way.

Let’s discuss this further. There are two ways you can do this. You can join groups that other people started that consist of your ideal audience. Secondly, you can start your own groups to attract different segments of your ideal audience. Let’s begin with the idea of going to other people’s groups and promoting your website to get traffic.

Other Peoples Groups

It’s imperative that you follow the rules that any group owner creates. You don’t need to actively promote in a loud way in a group to get traffic. Instead, the best way to approach someone else’s group is to socialize, answer questions, and be of service to your audience. Don’t share links if it’s not allowed, don’t say “DM me and I’ll help you.” Help them in any way that you can freely and openly. If it takes a minute, and it’s going to pay off for a long time, it’s more than worth it.

Ensure that your Facebook Profile is not private. This is probably something that makes you nervous, but if you’re going to use Facebook Groups as your way to get more traffic, you’ll need to allow people to see your business website in your profile so that when you comment and impress people, they can click your name and find your website and business information.

Your Own Groups

The best way to use Facebook Groups to increase your traffic is to start your own group. You can start as many groups as you want to attract your audience. In your group, you make the rules. The best way to set it up is to set it up as a Closed Group. That way the discussions are private, and your audience will feel safer to speak up.

Then, set up a freebie (lead magnet) just for the people who join. You can set up your group to ask questions of those who want to join in order to approve them and qualify them for the group. Then you can pin a welcome post for them that includes a link to a freebie that requires an email address to download. The freebie should meet the requirements for a lead magnet, which include solving a problem quickly for your ideal audience.

It’s super important to grasp that people don’t go on Facebook to buy things. They don’t want to be sold. Therefore, you must approach things differently. Use FB groups to build your email list and push traffic to your site by sharing your blog posts, curated content, and offers. Don’t use it to SPAM people with a continued barrage of sales without any substance.

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