How to Use Webinars to Gain Traffic

How to Use Webinars to Gain Traffic

One of the most effective forms of list building is to use webinars to get more traffic to your site so that you can build your list. A webinar is an online event that requires that you use webinar software like to present a topic to an audience. Usually, you allow questions and have a special offer to those who attended the webinar.

You can run webinars live and then replay them as if they’re live later with the right technology. You can host webinars with multiple partners. You can play your webinars Live on Facebook Live and YouTube Live as well as the webinar platform. Some companies like Zoom even give you those options if you upgrade.

There are so many ways you can use a webinar. However, it’s imperative that you know how to use the webinar idea to get more traffic to your site and build your list. Let’s look at some tips to ensure you meet your list-building goals with webinars.

• Choose Your Topic

Make sure you pick a topic that is important to your ideal audience and no one else. You don’t want a bunch of freebie seekers coming. You want only your audience to come to your webinar because they are the ones who will join your email list and buy from you. The others will download your free content and nothing else.

• Tease Your Audience

When you plan a webinar - even though it’s for list building - you want your online audience in social media to help you out. Send polls asking them to choose the topic of the event. Talk about the progress you’re making on the amazing webinar and get them excited about it so that they tell others about it.

• Offer Something Big

You want the people who come to your webinar to get something out of it besides getting on your email list and coming to the webinar to see you talk or to ask you questions. Give them the directions and information to solve just one problem just for attending. You want them to feel like your information was so amazing that they would have paid for it, and in fact, this is going to make them want to stay on your email list after the webinar and eventually buy something.

• Require Sign Up

This is a must for most webinars. The webinar is the freebie that they’re going to sign up for and you’re going to put them on your email list because of it. But, you want the webinar itself to still offer so much value that next time you have one, if you charged, they’d still come to it.

There is a lot of different webinar technology with various functionality for you. You will need to choose something that offers you the functionally you need within your budget. There are platforms that allow you to make sales right during the event, have break-out sessions, interview someone, and more. Whatever you use, it’s imperative to collect email addresses, interact with your attendees, and offer amazing value.

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