Have You Tried Guest Blogging?

Have You Tried Guest Blogging?

One way to spread your information around is to include guest blogging. Guest blogging is an important way to ensure that you put your information right in front of your audience so that you can grow your brand. There are some tried and true tips to ensure that guest blogging is an effective way to build your audience. Let’s go over some:

Research Your Audience

Not only should you know who your audience is, but if you’re going to guest blog, you need to study their audience before writing something. Go read the comments on their blogs, read their blogs, and get to know what type of topics they talk about to their audience. You want to find a gap to fill in, but you don’t want to contradict the owner of the blog.

Publish Where They Read

Once you know your audience, you should collect a list of blogs they like to read. That’s where you should guest post. You can even publish articles for online and offline magazines as a “guest” and sometimes get paid for it, even though they include your byline, biography, and information. It’s a great way to get in front of your audience. Post where they read.

Approach the Blog Owner Right

Once you’ve determined you want to guest blog for someone, before you approach them, go ahead and write the post. Direct it toward their audience. Make it original and unique. You want it to pass Copyscape. It can be based on other work you’ve done to make it easier, but you want it to be unique for their audience. Send them an inquiry giving them a general outline of the post when you make the bid.

Make the Content Unique

The content you create for a guest post really should be unique to that blog. However, you can adapt things you’ve already published. Just freshen it up, change some of the wording to make it fit their audience better, include an updated image, your image, a profile, and a link to your landing page.

Develop a Special Landing Page

The landing page is very important. You want the blog owner’s audience to feel special when they click through on your bio to come to your page. You want them to be welcomed and to get a great offer or freebie so that you can move them to your email list upon clicking through. Don’t just use your homepage or a standard landing page meant for anyone.

Follow Up

When the blog is published, check back so that you can answer questions, acknowledge comments, add additional information in comments, and so forth. The more you can keep the conversation going, the more hits your blog will get and the more they’ll want you to do it again.

The more you do this, the better you’re going to get at it. Guest blogging in the right place is going to boost your business, build your list, and help you earn more money. But only if you blog where your customers read, publish quality and useful content, and do it regularly.

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